Friday, April 8, 2011

What possessed me?

For the past few years I have been yearning to join a beading group.  The desire to be around like-minded creative people was growing but I just couldn't take that step.  I've never been able to make friends that easily, and meeting new people is very difficult.  I know, some of you are saying "why would that be so hard?".  Well, I honestly don't know (wish I did).   I am very self conscience and when I have to meet new people I become anxious, my heart pounds, I start sweating, literally get red in the face, and  my mind races.   OMG, what if I say something to embarrass myself? 

The thought of going to a place I'd never been before and meeting new people was WAY out of my comfort zone. 

Yesterday, I decided it was time to take that 'big girl pill' (or imaginary Valium, if you will) and join the local bead society.  Giving myself extra time to get ready, I got dressed putting on my favorite shirt and jewelry pieces.  I poured my favorite iced tea into a travel container, borrowed a GPS so I didn't have to stress on where I was going, popped in my favorite CD (Michale Buble), and off I went.  I gave myself plenty of time to get there, especially considering it was late rush hour.  'Cause ya know, rushing just makes it worse.  I figure if it's really that horrible I can leave and I don't have to go back, right?

I arrived a little early, but plenty of ladies were already there.  There was a presentation that evening and the presenter brought lots of Swarovski Crystals and products to sell, so I was able to blend in a little.  (The bling distraction was a good thing...   ooooohhhh  sparkly things...  oooohhhhh).  It helped to get out of my head and chat a bit. 

I sat in the back row with one other lady during the meeting, not sure why, the only thought was "looks like I'll be out of the way here".   Things took on a sense of ... um... well, normalcy.  Old business, new business, newsletter deadline, etc, and my heart rate calmed and I started feeling more comfortable.  They stared talking about board elections and apparently one lady had already agreed to take over as Secretary, and then asked if someone would be Treasurer.  I looked around the room and no one said a word, just small shakes of the head as to silently say 'no'.  No one wanted to do it.  The President asked again, "No one?"  ...silence...  Then before I realized it, my hand was in the air and the words that came out of my mouth were "I'm new, but I'll do it."  The President looked a bit surprised, and everyone applauded.  That of course made me shrink back in my chair a bit.  And as the meeting progressed, I'm asking myself, "what did I just get myself into?"  Like I don't have enough on my plate already?

As it turns out, I'm no worse for wear.  I actually feel better knowing I took the step.  Not only was it not horrible, but now I HAVE to go back.  I'm choosing to see this as a good thing, sorta forcing me out of my comfort zone, even if it is only once a month.

You never know what you can accomplish until you try.  (My new motto.)

That's it for today.  I'm off to photograph some new pieces.

Wishing all your wishes come true,
(Northern Virginia Bead Society Treasurer) LOL!