Monday, April 4, 2011

Again, really?

I recently set-up my website using a free software that came with my web hosting.  I've used the software before, more than a while ago, on a different website which I closed back in December 2010.  I was rolling along, creating, editing, customizing and making it mine.  I finished most of it and hit "Publish".  Voila!  Website.  I viewed the site from a live "new eye" perspective and noticed somethings that were not what I had "published".  After trying to "fix" what didn't look like was "broken" in the software, published again and then I went back to the live version to verify.  No change.... ugh!  Instead of getting too frustrated, I decided to move on to something I hadn't finished yet, my photo galleries.  I couldn't remember how to create albums so I started searching the help menus.  As I'm reading, I'm seeing things that just don't make sense.  Now, I'm rather computer savvy.  I've never taken classes or lessons to figure out software programs.  I just jump in and get going.  So, as I'm in the help menus I realize that they are talking about a completely different (yet similarly named) software.  <SIGH>.  Ok.... deep breath.  After a few minutes more I realize that the software I was using, is not even being distributed for web hosting anymore.  (I hear a loud high pitch scream in my head... like one's you hear in a horror movie.)  OMG!  All the work I've done over the past few days...  useless.  ...deep breath...  I have to start over with the new software.  New formats, layouts, commands and less functionality as far as I'm concerned. 

Ok, enough complaining!  It's not going to design itself, so off I go...

Wishing your wishes come true,

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